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Full-arch restoration in Kamloops, BC
Full-arch restoration in Kamloops, BC

Full-Arch Restoration

Our smile is a part of our identity. If you are missing many teeth, or have many teeth that are badly damaged, you may be a candidate for a full-arch restoration. This life-changing procedure uses dental implants to support a permanent denture, or prosthesis. The dental implant act as natural tooth roots, which keep your jaw bone stimulated and healthy. Meanwhile, the prosthesis is custom-made to feel comfortable in your mouth and look natural.

You will be able to eat your favourite foods, laugh with pride, and live with a complete set of fully functioning teeth.

Benefits of Full-Arch Restoration

This procedure will change your life by providing you with the healthy smile you deserve. It offers many benefits that you will enjoy for many years to come, including:

  • Freedom. You can eat your favourite foods without pain or worry.
  • Convenience. Care for your new smile with regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits—just like natural teeth.
  • Durability. The implants are made of medical-grade titanium and will fuse with your jaw bone over time, resulting in a sturdy foundation for your new arch of teeth.
  • Health benefits. The implants stimulate the jaw bone during chewing, which prevents bone deterioration.
  • Confidence. The days of hiding your smile are in the past. Unlike traditional dentures, your teeth stay fixed in place while eating and brushing.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are healthy enough to undergo general anaesthesia, you are likely healthy enough for this procedure. If you are missing a few teeth, but the rest of them are healthy, you may only require dental implants to restore your smile. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will discuss all of your tooth restoration options and design a treatment plan to get you on track to the smile you deserve.

The Full-Arch Restoration Procedure

You will receive an anaesthetic to prevent discomfort, and we will discuss your options for anaesthesia during your first visit. During the consultation, we will have outlined the specifics of your treatment so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

Any teeth remaining in the dental arch will be extracted. Dr. Stefanuto will place the dental implants and ensure that they are in the best possible position to secure the prosthesis. Patients who lack the proper bone to support implants may require a bone graft, and preparation for the permanent denture may require multiple appointments. You can speak to your denturist or restorative dentist about a temporary prosthesis to wear until you are fully healed and ready for the permanent one. Dr. Stefanuto will work in concert with your restorative dentist or prosthodontist to provide a predictable solution.

Types of Anaesthesia

We offer anaesthesia options to keep you as comfortable as possible during your surgical procedure.

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